Best Kratom Strains To Experience An Opiate-like High


The same way you can use kratom for opiate withdrawal, you can also use it to experience an opiate high. It's a two-way thing. This is because many people trying to withdraw from opiates will replace the ecstatic high of heroin with a high of kratom that isn't as intense, mostly when they are trying to get off using it.

Different types of kratom will help you achieve an opiate high, that is to say, the red kratom strains. These are known to deliver an opiate-like high. Just make sure your dose is strong.

The Green Malay is another strain capable of delivering a very strong opiate high. Other green kratom strains can achieve this too, only that sometimes they have an imbalance of alkaloids, which may not make them as powerful as you want. What they normally do is give you an energy boost and improved focus, which may be rather excessive for someone trying to get off opiates.

Only take Green Malay if you're looking for an opiate high that can also give you an energy boost. Ensure to purchase only high-quality Green Malay kratom that is purely green in color, You can purchase your Green Malay capsules and powder from this vendor.

However, if you aren't so much into energy and focus, and all you want is to get rid of that pain, so that you can feel euphoric, then what you need is a strong dose of red kratom.

To get an incredible kratom high, Red Malay, Red Thai, Red Bali, are guaranteed to deliver. Take note caution, Red Maeng Da is sometimes mixed with white kratom, which makes it so powerful

Red Borneo is best opiate-like kratom, it produces a high similar to the opiate one. Try it out.

From most of the feedback received from users via the social media platform, word is that the pure Red Borneo, when taken at a higher dose, will completely deliver similar effects as opiate-like high. With effects that resemble those of heroin, only that there aren't health risks as it is with heroin. Get your self high-quality red Borneo from this vendor.

Use Kratom Dose To Get An Opiate-like High

If you want to experience an opiate high, then you need to consume the right kratom dosage. Firstly, you're going to need high-quality kratom in order to get opiate high feelings, plus you'll have to up your dose a little bit.

However take caution that a high dose of kratom can be dangerous because it can build tolerance, making it difficult for you to control. So it's better to gradually and slowly increase your dosage rather than increasing your intake all at once, you may not be able to handle yourself.

A number of people that use pure kratom, for instance, Red Borneo, or Green Malay, say they experience a euphoric, and opiate-like high, after taking around 6-8 grams.
I'd advise you to start with 5 grams in order to achieve an opiate high using kratom. Then from there, you can decide to increase your dosage if it isn't enough. For the case of Green Malay, you may experience too much energy and feelings of euphoria

And with Red Borneo, when taken at 5-6 grams, you'll start to feel the primary effects of a kratom opiate-like high.

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How To Use Kratom For Opiate Withdrawal

For someone dealing opiate withdrawal, or if you're trying to get off opiates by using kratom instead, you should know the various types of kratom strains deliver great opiate high feelings.

There are strains that will subside on the symptoms of opiate withdrawal, for instance, red kratom will relieve you of pain and chill you out, while giving you energy and focus, in smaller doses.

To make the experience easier, you can purchase a variety pack. These packets contain amounts of kratom for a dose or two, and every variety pack also contains 3-6 different red strains. With this, you can use and determine for some weeks, in order to find the strain, and dose, that works well for you, before purchasing more.

Option two is going for the red kratom capsules, or even purchase all the major types of kratom in capsule form. You can get them from trustworthy sellers that sell pure kratom.

Just like most Kratom reviews, I recommend the red kratom strain for someone that wants to achieve opiate high feelings, and also if you want to withdraw from them, simply take a dose of kratom capsules.


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